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Wetwipe Pouches

   2 in 1( up to) 20s Wetwipe Pouch Front for Wetwipes, up to 20 pcs (typically watsons size) Back, with middle/centre zip  for 10 ... more

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What do we do??

A lot of times closed friends asked, what do I exactly do? .. so we provide the answer via piece mail.. on adhoc basis..  So what do we ... more

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Great Product Reviews!


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Our Organic Beansprout Pillow Range

Content originated from our old website We have been in this trade for coming a decade and all content are o ... more

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Fabrics Availability

Please choose fabric, subject to availability. Click on the button below. Available Fabrics alternatively, select from the follo ... more

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New Fabrics! Mickey Mouse

  181849  Mickey Faces   181920  Mickey Directions   181950  Mickey Faces more

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Bad News?

Have we ever encounter fear? Yes, I believed all of us do at times. It's a natural emotion that human beings own. Instead of shooing awa ... more

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