What do we do??

A lot of times closed friends asked, what do I exactly do? .. so we provide the answer via piece mail.. on adhoc basis.. 

So what do we do? - We handmade exquisite items that are worth a second look, keepsakes and durable for long lasting use!

Here's a compliation of the products and services we do:

1) Beansprout Pillows/ Bolsters with licenesed character's designs (Number 1 Best Seller since 2006)

You'd be surprised that we have more than 300 fabric prints and we are still counting!!

Read the blog we had for our beansprout pillow range.






FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit our product page! 

THE QUALITY of our pillow covers..

The first point of contact is always the pillow covers, of course! So
we are very careful in sewing, taking every measure we can to do the best that we can..

We adopted french seam to enhance the lifespan of our product, which we believe almost all professional seamstress do. It may be used for many years, until the fabric has worned out during many many wash, if maintained in proper order. We highly recommend to wash fabric cover inside out.


During the expansion, family members are there to help and we ensure that beansprout husks are well-cleaned (with a lot of heart and effort), and of course, the sun. All beansprout husks are collected from Singapore, from an organic source.

Beansprout husk typically last for 1 - 2 years, depending on the needs of the babies. Once you observe that it disintegrates, it's time to get new beansprout husks.

We sell dried beansprout husks as well, look for the "JustHusks" section.

For replacement inserts, please visit "ReadyStock" section

2) Customisations / Personalisations

Due to the nature of babies favouring their specific requirements, customisations are getting more and more popular..

Some babies will only cling to the specific size of the pillows and turn other pillows away..

For customisations or personalisations, please drop us a line at 65-91446650 or email customise@exquisitehandmadefinds.com




Selection of fabrics are available here:

Licensed Characters Prints:

My Melody / Little Twin Stars Print: http://www.exquisitehandmadefinds.com/fabric-MMLTS.pdf

Limited Collection Prints: http://www.exquisitehandmadefinds.com/fabric-limitedcollection.pdfHello Kitty Prints: http://www.exquisitehandmadefinds.com/fabric-HK.pdf

Sanrio Friends: http://www.exquisitehandmadefinds.com/fabric-sanrioothers.pdf

Other Prints:


3) Polyester / Cotton Fill Pillows / Bolsters


4) Our Handmade Diaper Pouch




Our Diaper Pouch is 100% handmade, with careful considerations on designs that comes handy!

Some prefer to have laminated fabric while others may wanted silk fabric with water resistent lining.. 

Improved by adding high quality inner lining (option with Teflon®) with more!

All new-mums will love having a Diaper Pouch as it really save space and time of finding diapers in a big roomy diaper bag (for e.g.).

We carry extensive range of fabrics that will actually keep new-moms busy with the selection. 

We can do the diaper pouch that comes with water repellent PUL with Teflon® Shield Lining that makes your bag repels water, enable wet fabrics to get dry quicker than untreated fabric. With Teflon® lining, it requires less water to wash as it can remove stains pretty easily (on the inside), and drys easily.

For the price your get, it can last for many years!

3D Diaper Pouch
Proudct Code: DP-Custom3D
Dimension: 15cm by 28cm by 10cm (base)
Price: SGD35.00

Personalised Diaper Pouch

Size: 30cm (b) by 35cm(L)

Personalized name up to 10 characters only.

PUL Lining- highest quality of water resistent PU material

Price: SGD41.00

Contact us for more!

5) Our Famous Pouches






Read our wonderful reviews @ Qoo10 listing.. 

6) Handmade Totes

Every design has its own uniqueness, it's truely you, your authentic self!



6) Handmade Lanyards / Pacifier Holders


7) Embroidery on Towels


Recent Teachers' Day 2016 Project for Northview Primary School


8) HankiesTaggies



9) Wetwipe Pouches (NEW)

Gaining it's popularity - this pouches can keep your things organised!

More read from this post: http://www.exquisitehandmadefinds.com/cart/modules/blockblog/blockblog-post.php?post_id=7

All fabrics are authentic from it's licensee and Exquisite Handmade finds is not affiliated with the licensee. The craft is however Handmade from licensed prints. 
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Published on 03/10/2016 13:14:01
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