Wetwipe Pouches


2 in 1( up to) 20s Wetwipe Pouch

Front for Wetwipes, up to 20 pcs (typically watsons size)

Back, with middle/centre zip  for 10pcs Dry Pocket Tissues

Size: appx 12cm by 16cm

SGD12.00 (LID not inclusive)


2 in 1( up to) 80s Wetwipe Pouch

Front for Wetwipes, up to 80 pcs

Back, with middle/centre zip  for Paseo or Kleenex Travel Tissues

Size: appx 17cm by 25cm

SGD24.00 (LID not inclusive)

Selection of Laminates Fabric


Price and availability of lids available here:


Typical Processing Time takes up to 4 weeks.

Waterproof Material, end product is water resistent

If you would like your pouches to be 99% Leak Proof - we have a simple solution for you,

just add $3 - 5 and get it leak proof**!

** possible leaks are at the corners of the pouch.

Check with us, watsapp us at 65-91446650

Some reference pictures:

Can't view picture properly? Click below:



Functionality of Wetwipe pouch

Pouch is designed for it's functionality to keep the wetwipes and dry tissues as one pouch.

The design is catered for easy access of the tissues.

We normally used big sized zips (as per pics) and sometimes the zips may tend to protrude out, we endevour to sew as consistent as possible.

The plastic sheet of the square opening area is for the adhesive lids to stick better, and the shape of the plastic cutout is hand-cut and in universal sizes;  just for it's functionality, not for beautifying the product.

Adhesiveness of the wetwipe lids - it depends on the individual brands of the lids, and Exquisite Handmade Finds has no control over it's quality.



All products sold via Exquisite Handmade Finds are on an 'as-is' basis and we make no warranties of merchantability, quality, fitness for a particular purpose, availability or non-infringement and we disclaim all implied warranties from course of dealing or usage of trade.

Due to the customised and handmade nature of our products, there will always be some variation in colour, texture, weight, design, size (not exceeding 2cm) or packaging between products and what is found on our Website. However, we endeavour to maintain as much consistency as reasonably possible.

Original / Licensed Fabrics

Please note that we highly respect the intellectual property rights of others and will only make available original or licensed fabrics to our customers. Any trade marks or other intellectual property appearing on such fabrics do not belong to Exquiste Handmade Finds nor is Exquisite Handmade Finds affiliated or in any way related to the respective intellectual property rights owners.

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